SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup 4.0.330.4

SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup 4.0.330.4: Live search or auto complete function helps users find what they are looking for Lookup information from SharePoint lists in other sites Filter column value by selecting list views Find-as-you-type function Conversion among SharePoint Lookup column, Cross-Site Lookup column, and Cascaded Lookup column Look up items by folder mode Remove the duplicated lookup items Support look up information from "Date and Time" and "Number"columns. Support displaying additional columns from lookup list Support adding new items in the source

LookupGadget 1.0: LookupGadget aims to be the fastest way to search the AD for staff details.
LookupGadget 1.0

LookupGadget allows you to quickly and easily find these details. Features include: *Easy to use Windows interface. *Small, fast and unobtrusive. *Sits on the status bar ready for use at all times. *Can be activated by a global hotkey from any program. *Full pattern matching supported. *LookupGadget will search multiple AD fields. *LookupGadget can search child containers as well as child domains. *In most environments, search results are returned

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12Ghosts Lookup 9.52: zip and area codes, acronyms, unit converter
12Ghosts Lookup 9.52

look-up tool. Look up zip and area codes, sorted by any column, with a quick search finder. Expand acronyms by entering just the first letters. Use a unit converter that shows all other units immediately as soon as you enter a number. That is what we call Information at Your Fingertips. You have access to income, calling code, and population of all countries worldwide. Impress your chat partner with translations of common phrases into six languages

zip code, lookup, unit, acronyms, measurement, translations, area code, states

Zipoid 1.2: ZIP Code verification, distance calculator and look-up tool.  Download now!
Zipoid 1.2

ZIP Code verification, distance calculator and look-up tool. Calculate the distance ranges between different ZIP Code locations, look up area codes and all cities and towns located within the specified ZIP Code location. Or identify all ZIP Codes found within the specified radius. The search can de done by a ZIP Code, City Name, Area Code, or County Name. Free for personal and commercial use.

zip code lookup, zip code distance calculator

WebCam Looker 7.4: Get a video surveillance system and a lot of interesting from your Webcam and PC
WebCam Looker 7.4

WebCam Looker - is easy to use video surveillance software for monitoring and publishing images of your home/office to internet or mobile phone. On movements inside or around of your property it immediately alarms (by sound, SMS, email with image, messaging, external application execution, uploading to ftp or web server). Supports digital cameras. Archive. Records TV-programs by Scheduler. Screenshot, Watermarks, dial Internet, remote monitoring.

remote surveillance, tv tuner, remote webcam, detection of movements, webcam security, free webcam, camera, remote control, camera software, webcam monitoring, video recorder, motion detector, video surveillance

Shipmate 2006: fedex, ups, dhl, postal, usps, phone lookup, weather, maps,  track shipments
Shipmate 2006

Keep track of shipments from FEDEX, UPS, DHL, and the USPS. Enter all incoming and outgoing tracking numbers in a master list which Shipmate uses to retrieve delivery information from the carrier`s website. You can also get driving directions, look up zip codes, look up area codes. Check the weather, look up currency conversions and more! Keep track of all your shipmenents in one safe place.

track shipment, google, track package, fedex, maps, phone number lookup, postal, currency conversion, package, usps, driving directions, weather, shipping

Ping Scanner Pro 4.5: The ultimate networking tool for the Pro
Ping Scanner Pro 4.5

Ping Scanner Pro has 18 network tools, it can ping one address a lot of times or a lot of addresses one time. It will also tell you what MAC addresses are on your subnet, and perform DNS lookup or reverse DNS lookup. It does Traceroute, Whois, subnet calculation, Port scanner, troughput test and many more. The results can be saved as CSV, Ascii, DOC or XLS or printed out. further Finger, troughput test, subnet calculator, open connections, an

network, mac address, sweep, traceroute, pingsweep, subnet calculation, port scanner, lookup, tcp ip, ping, dhcp, subnets, icmp

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